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I am crazy over beautiful fabrics and quilting.  I love transforming your pieced masterpieces into works of art with beautiful edge to edge designs.  My expertise will transform your quilts into heirlooms that you will have to treasure for years to come!


Using the Crown Jewel III with a ProStitcher computer, I provide the following services:

  • All over/edge to edge is  .018  cents per square inch (Calculate:  Measure your quilt length and width in inches.  Multiply these two numbers to give you the quilt size in square inches.  Then multiply this number by .018.  This will give you the cost.)  Example:  Quilt size is 50 x 70.  50 x 70= 3500 square inches.  3500 x .018= $63.00.  *The pricing may be .020 if the pattern is dense and requires more thread and time.

  • I do not charge for thread or set up of the longarm machine.

  • There is a minimum charge of $50.00.  This could possibly include batting and custom e2e digital designs.  

  • No sales tax is added to this service.

  • Binding can be added to your quilt for additional charges.

  • You are responsible for shipping the quilt to me if you are out of the area or dropping it off.  If shipping, it is recommended that you press it as much as possible and wrap it in plastic to protect the quilt top during shipping.  Be sure to include tracking and insurance for your own safety.  You will also be charged for return shipping which will be included in your invoice. 

  • All charges are due before your quilt is shipped back to you or before you pick it up.  I will invoice you through Pay Pal.  We can also make special arrangements if necessary.  Communication is key.  

  • I offer batting for sale and use Quilter’s Dream Poly Select or Deluxe and Quilter’s Dream Cotton.  Prices are noted on the intake form below.  You can always provide your own batting.  If you have any questions, please email me.  

  • For any questions or requests that I have not covered, please email me at


Preparing Your Quilt

These tips will help insure a beautiful finished quilt:

  • Make sure your quilt top is squared and even on all sides.  This will help the quilt load straight and correctly on the longarm leaders.

  • Press your top from the back and then on the front to insure seams are flat.  Do not stretch…press.  If possible, use starch.

  • Cut any loose threads as they might show through.  This is especially true with any light colors.

  • Quilt backs should be four inches longer than the quilt top on all sides.  If there is a seam in the backing fabric, that seam should be 1/2″ wide and pressed open.  If possible, that seam should run vertically to the top of the quilt.  If you have a pieced back or have a specific placement of a design on the back, please bring that to my attention. 

  •  Note!  The fabric selvage (the tightly woven edge of a fabric that prevents the side edges of the fabric from raveling or fraying) should not be used on any part of your quilt backing.  The selvage edge, because it’s densely woven, is sturdier than the rest of the fabric and does not stretch like the rest of the fabric and must be cut off on all sides.  If it is left on, there is a chance of puckering.

Studio Equipment

The commercial-grade equipment I use in my studio is built to make the quilts I work on for you, heirlooms which will be treasured always.

My Crown Jewel III longarm machine is mounted on a ten foot quilting frame offering the ability to complete quilts from crib to queen size.  The Pro-Stitcher computer program integrated with the Crown Jewel, provides computer-guided quilting using the latest technology available for accuracy. 

CLICK HERE to select a stitch pattern for your quilt.  If you don't see anything you like in my library, I would be happy to purchase a pattern from one of the listed vendors for you.  Your charge for this is $6.00. 

CLICK HERE Click Here to complete the "Quilting Request Form" before sending or dropping off your quilt.